Wednesday, July 13, 2011

holiday fun/birthdays

I missed the last day of school because I was going away to
Mooloolaba which is near Maroochydore and they are both in Queensland. Some of my relatives were already up there so I knew it would be good fun. I borrowed Sunday's LPS Blythe doll called Wednesday to take with me, so she could come on an adventure with me. When we were at the airport Dad bought my two brothers and I a Krispy Kreme donut each. YUM!


My Brothers got the same:

Wednesday with the Krispy Kreme wrapper:

We flew with JETSTAR:

The plane trip was good until I got really blocked ears : (

We were staying at the hotel we had stayed at when we were at Mooloolaba last time. My family liked it so much we went back.

The days there were so much fun; relaxing, beach, spa, pool and more.

Here are some pictures at the beach, spa/pool and views:

We made a really big sandcastle with little sandcastles around the whole thing.
It looked like this:

Here are some photos of Wednesday:

She learnt how to surf.........

She also learnt how to play the guitar!

She went shopping:

And she had some pizza

Then we got crazy:


On my brother's birthday we went to WB Movie World!
We had a great time and it was my second visit there, I also went when I was four years old.
Anyway this time I think I liked it better because I could go on more rides.
The rides I went on were:
Scooby Doo Castle Roller Coaster
x2 Wild Wild West, once with Dad and then with Mum
Train ride with my youngest brother

It doesn't seem much but I also saw lots of shows including their 4D film, "Journey to the Centre of the Earth".
4D is the same as 3D but there is also another dimension of things that move at you. This included the chairs moving, water spraying out at you and air being blown at you.

Here are photos at

Scooby doo ride

Wild Wild West

There was a MONSTER TRUCK show performing and we went to see it.

A really fast motor bike.
Smoke came out from the back.

Some sort of truck
Movie Worlds Biggest Truck:
Let me tell you it was big!

There were 2 freestyle motor cyclists that did some amazing tricks, flips and more.
If you look closely in the photo he is about to have the motor bike above himself. They showed the reply in slow-mo and it was amazing. The guy was holding the whole motor bike above him. That would have been hard.
Here are some more photos:
Here are some more photos at Movie World:


Super Heros
Batman's Play

Scooby Doo pictures:
I had a great day at Movie World. At the end of the day my brothers and I (maybe Mum and Dad) we were really tired because we had had four long hours in the car - two there and two back and lots of exciting time at Movie World.

On one of the days my family went for a drive to the Sunshine Plaza in Maroochydore.
It was fun because Mum and Dad let us go in the Water Rollers!
Here is me in one:
It felt like I was walking on clouds because it was really soft and bouncy instead of a hard surface that I'm used to.

A couple of days after my brother's birthday it was mine!
I had a great birthday. It started off with me thinking I was not getting any presents because I didn't get them until my youngest brother shouted out that they were in the cupboard. It felt like a long time because I usually get them as soon as I wake up.
My presents were:

A cupcake charm for my SEED bracelet
An aeroplane charm for my SEED bracelet

A locket charm for my SEED bracelet

A hot and cold pack

I also got a $100 voucher that I can spend and some clips that I got from the shop 'Little shop of handmade'. The photo of the clips is not working so I can't show you them.
For the first time I had a sunny Birthday, so we were able to go to the Beach.
here are some photos on my Birthday:

A climbing frame
My donut cake
A seal near a massive lolly shop :)
There is more on birthday but I have to stop there.

One of my last things is lollies. We went to two different lolly shops. One near us and the other near the seal.
Here are lollies:
and we also got some US chocolate:

Well I think I need to stop there but I will do another post on some Blythe things I got, later. Have a nice day


  1. AWESOME!! WOW!! FANTASTIC!! It must have been nice to be able to go to the beach!! I hope you and your little brother a WONDERFUL birthday!! The donut cake, those lollies and the krispy kremes look scrumptious!! And the water roller looks like SO much fun!! I'd love to have a go at one of them! I'd also like to go to WB Movie World one day too!!

    I can't wait to hear about the Blythe things you got!

    Lots of Love Chloe xoxoxoxoxoxo

    P.S. I heard about how L left his new Ben 10 watch in Queensland! :O
    P.P.S. Hope you are enjoying the rest of the holidays - I can't believe they're nearly over! :OOOOOOOOOOOOO
    P.P.P.S. Hopefully we can see you for your b'day soon! :)

  2. I think you would like the water rollers, they were so much fun.

    I am glad you're happy about the Blythe stuff :D

    Hopefully can catch up soon

    Talk to you about the watch another time

  3. Wow, you are so lucky,

    The whole time I was going, not fair, cute, awsome, sounds fun, and stuff like that. All the photos are taken really well.

    When i went i had a good time, and when you went, sounds like a great time, trip, and adventure. I wish you took me.

    Catch up soon, Sophiaxx


    I am glad your back. I missed you soooo..... much, I can't begin to tell you.