Monday, July 18, 2011


Hello there readers,

Today I saw Sunday at school, and we have decided to post about the giveaway. I will tell you what you need to do to enter later in the post. Remember it is BFF inspired. The idea for this came from both of us together being best friends and thought a long those lines. So we thought it would be a good idea to do a BFF giveaway. It is also good for people who don't have Blythe dolls, and even if you do you can enter. Really anyone can enter, mostly girls though. There are a few things to win as you will see below, and to enter write your name, your best friend's name, and why she is your best friend, please leave a comment to enter, or if you have a question leave a comment to. I hope you enter!

You can win handmade,

Hair clips

Tea pot necklaces

Love-heart key rings


Ear rings

The BFF pack together


P.S. Good luck!


  1. Hey Cherry!!
    My name is Tyrese and my best best best best friend's name is..... - oh so hard to choose!!-..... Khloe!!
    She is my best friend because she is always there for me and is always sooooo supportive towards me.... That's why she's my BFF!!
    Xoxo Tyrese

  2. Hi Cherry
    My name is Zalia and my best best best best best best best best friend is Sumaiya! This is her blog:
    and mine is:

    We are BFFs because she is very kind, supportive, friendly, nice and a great friend!

    Zalia xxx

    (I hope i win)

    ( My email is :

  3. Hi Cherry
    my best best best best best friend is mia. She is my best friend because she is very nice and supportive.
    love Sumi

  4. Hey Cherry,
    I've entered already on Sophia's blog, so that's not what my post's about.
    In your 'About Me' section, you ask to leave a comment about either choosing Vinter Arden or Sunshine Holiday.
    I just wanted to say that I, if I were you, would choose Vinter Arden! She's hard to get, though, 'cause she's CWC Exclusive which means you can only get her by a lottery. As far as I know, that lottery has already been and she's only available through Ebay for at least two hundred euros... Thought you'd like to know!
    -XOX- Pixie Girl

  5. What a great competiton. I have already entered on Sundays blog.

  6. Hi Cherry
    Ive already entered but In the About Me secton you asked if we would have Vinter Arden or Sunshine Holiday. If I had any I would definetly have Vinter Arden I ve been begging my mum to bbuy her for me!
    love Sumi

  7. hi cherry
    my name is Ziara!
    you are very lucky that you have a horse because my friend waiting for one!