Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hello readers,

When I went on holidays; there was a shop that sold Blythe accessories.
Here are the Blythe accessories that I got:

Two clips:

A hair tie:

Two hair ties:

Mum and Dad got me a note book that looks like this:




These things came in a a nice bag which looked like this:



P.S. Today there was a last minute change of our daily plan, because we were meant to go to the VFL to watch a friend play but we ended up going to the SILVER CIRCUS. We ended up going to the circus because we got free tickets from a friend. The circus was great! There were amazing performances, like motor bikes in a round ball shape circle, the riders went around and around on their bikes. At one stage a lady went inside the the ball when two men on their motorbikes went round and round! SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There were hulla hoops, juggling, tight ropes and more! I had a great time at the circus!
Here are some photos at the SILVER CIRCUS:

The tent:

Silver's car:

The Motorbike gang:


  1. Your so lucky,

    I have been begging my mum for ages.


  2. How cool! Can't wait to see you wearing them!! :) (well, maybe not the notebook..)
    What an exciting last day of the holidays! The Silver Circus sounds FANTASTIC!
    Chloe xoxoxoxo
    P.S. Sorry I meant to comment before but it didn't post! :P

  3. Those blythe accessories are cute and so is the notebook! Congratulations on such good findings! The circus sounds awesome! I love the circus! I should go to one someday. ^_^